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Life insurance is a key component of sound long-term financial planning, indispensable particularly for people with families or businesses which depend on their income.

Life Insurance for Individuals, Families and Business Owners

Having a good life insurance plan in place can give you peace of mind. You can live worry-free knowing that costs such as debts, estate taxes, and burial fees will be covered; that savings account for your children’s education will continue growing; and that the lifestyle you worked hard to provide your family can be maintained.

For business owners, life insurance is a way to protect your company and its employees. For single-proprietor business-owners, it can provide your family with the resources necessary to make the best decision regarding selling the company. For those who have business partners, buy-sell agreements can ensure that what you worked hard to build can continue your legacy.

Don Hoffer Insurance offers plans from dozens of the nation’s highest-rated insurance companies with premiums starting as low as $30/month. Contact us today to discuss which of the following options is best for you and your family:

Term Life Insurance


-The most straightforward and affordable life insurance
-Covers a specific time period, from 5-30 years
-Premiums are paid throughout term of the policy
-Buy only the coverage you need
-Does not accumulate cash value

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life

-No term – the coverage lasts until death
-Both premium and death benefit are typically fixed throughout the duration
-Portion of premium invested into a savings account
-Cash value grows tax-deferred
-Ideal for long-term lifetime planning

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life

-Offers more flexible permanent coverage than whole life
-Premium payments can vary after initial payment
-Potential to adjust death benefit
-Potential for cash value growth and policy withdrawals/loans

Variable Life and Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Variable Life

-Versions of Whole and Universal Life insurance wherein the cash is invested in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds
-Can result in more rapid cash growth
-Risk inherent – if investments do not yield returns
Insurance for small businesses in St. Louis Park, MN

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is a highly meaningful benefit to offer your employees, providing them valuable and affordable access to insurance coverage. It is the second-most popular benefit distributed by employers to employees and is easy to administer. Contact Don Hoffer Insurance today, and we will find the best group plan for your company and employees. READ MORE…

Don Hoffer Insurance - Life Insurance for Individuals and Families in St. Louis Park, MN

Life Insurance for Individuals and Families

Give yourself and your family peace of mind. Getting a Life Insurance quote with Don Hoffer Insurance can help you live worry-free knowing that debts, estate taxes, and burial fees will be covered and the lifestyle you worked hard to provide your family can be maintained. Contact us today to discuss which option is best for you and your family. READ MORE…

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